About Us!

ALPFA at Florida International University is the largest business student organization on campus, and a part of one of the largest professional  organization for Latinos in the nation.

If you are looking to distinguish yourself and stand out among the competition, ALPFA is the organization that can help you. Here you will develop the essential skills and establish the necessary relationships that will smooth the transition from being a student to becoming a professional.

ALPFA at FIU is the proud successor of the FIU Accounting Association (FIUAA). Established in 1986, the FIUAA began creating professional and developmental opportunities. ALPFA at FIU continues to build upon the  legacy of shared values and guiding principles that the FIU Accounting Association established many years ago.


ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, builds relationships for its members, the community, and its business partners while expanding Latino leadership in the global workforce.


ALPFA is the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for young leaders in the global market.


Professional Growth, Integrity, Culture, Relationship Building, Service, Inclusiveness, Teamwork

Today, ALPFA organizes around 40 events per semester.  It offers:

Friday Firm Presentations

Each Friday, we have Accounting and Finance firms that come out to our meetings and give presentations about their companies and opportunities for students. This presentation will be followed by a networking session where students can speak to recruiters and employees from the firm.

Ahead of the Game

For Finance, Accounting and MIS majors. The Ahead of the Game Career Fair allows you the opportunity to network with professionals at this event to potentially land internships or full-time positions.

ALPFA National Convention

This past summer we were able to take 40 members to the ALPFA National Convention in Las Vegas. ALPFA Convention is a four to five day event where recruiters and professionals from Fortune 500 companies are given the opportunity to network and recruit. The next convention will be held in Las Vegas!

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program allows you to build relationships with someone who has been in your shoes and will help guide and advise you throughout the semester.

Tech Group

Tech Group, a subsidiary to ALPFA hosts workshops twice a week to teach students technical skills within a variety of software’s like Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau, Power BI, IBM Watson, and more.


As a member, you will be able to interact with ALPFA FIU Alumni and make connections with professionals around the world who can provide insight into there journey and how ALPFA helped them get there.


ALPFA hosts several social throughout the semester where fellow ALPFA members and Alumni in a more relaxed environment.